Build and configurate online the THEAULT horsebox of your dreams

Customer satisfaction
The THEAULT teams have been carrying out their job with passion and true expertise for over 90 years. Everyone in the company works to constantly improve every aspect of the vehicles so that the most innovating solutions, with a fluid design and adapted to their needs, can be put forward.

Thanks to an established leadership, the company knows that in order to remain at the forefront, it needs to continue to only accept the best. The teams work everyday to ensure that THEAULT products are more reliable, more practical, more comfortable, and safer than ever. By developing services adapted to clients' requests and feedback, the company places users at the heart of its strategy in order to constantly improve its vehicles, making them better suited to new uses.

By choosing THEAULT, you can be assured that you are investing in sound value, value that is recognised by numerous professionals, and one that continues to satisfy.


Know-how 'à la française'


At the very basis of each THEAULT horsebox: a floor cab. It is during this very first step that the assembly operations are handled. The whole structure of the vehicle is built around this floor.


Carpentry is among the artisanal know-how maintained for years at THEAULT. Wood-working is dedicated to the building of the 2-horses vehicles cabins as well as for the arrangement of the luxury apartments of the large trucks.


Upholstery confection is another artisanal know-how that has been well conserved within the company over years. Very specific craft, the careful and detailed work of the saddleries and leather allows to design a top quality product down to the smallest details. If you like beautiful things, you’ll be able to choose among a large choice of leather, alcantara and vinyl so that you can design your horsebox the way you want it.

Paint and decoration

With a broad choice of colors, the possibilities for painting and personalization are almost infinite: sober or colorful, matt or gloss laminate finish, with sparkles or just iridescent, there is something for every taste!

In addition to the painting, a specialized decorator is in charge of posing the decoration strips, from the simplest references to the most original ones. Decoration may also be adapted to the customers’ request, with a logo or pictures of his choice for example.


At the end of a 5-week manufacturing process, the vehicle arrives at the very last stage of the build process prior to application of the vehicle's final external decoration.  The standard fittings and options you may have chosen are installed by the skilled finishing

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