Build and configurate online the THEAULT horsebox of your dreams


The quality & weight choice

Built of lightweight materials, the LighT’EO offers all the Theault strength and safety guarantees with a maximum payload. Thanks to its lightness, it is also very easy to manoeuvre and fuel-efficient.

All Theault horseboxes benefit from the EC type approval which guarantees the conformity to European technical standards and allows them to be registered easily all over Europe. 

With Renault engines 170 HP, the LighT'EO brings unrivaled driving comfort for all types of journeys: urban areas, mixed-use or motorway driving. The modern vehicle guarantees more autonomy and lower maintenance cost. 


Horse area

 - 2 positions for the horse partition
 - wide side-ramp and spacious stall to load and unload horses easily
 - effortless use of ramp and door locking


 - available in 3 seats
 - reversing and surveillance camera as standard equipment


 - saddle and bridle racks an option

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