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Large trucks

Nearly a century of experience at designing and manufacturing horseboxes has made of THEAULT one of the greatest reference of its field. Thanks to its research departemnt and a dedicated team of designers, THEAULT horseboxes are thought to guarantee unrivaled ergonomy and optimum comfort. THEAULT large trucks are well known to be the best choice for reliability and comfortness thanks to their high quality manufacturing material and great finishings.



Large trucks with living area or simple couchettes

Available in 16, 19 or 26T, from 6 to 9 horses, these horseboxes combine horse transportation and passengers comfort.

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Luxury version

In its luxury version, these horseboxes are like home on wheels. The home cars are designed to provide maximum commodities through a large panel of equipment : living room area with table and couch, couchettes, fitted kitchen, vitroceramic hobs, refrigerator, bathroom and toilet facilities, towel hang dryer, TV... with fresh water and waste water tanks.

Thanks to a hydraulic electric system, the home car unfolds to free up space for the living area through a Pop Out system.





Sports version

In its sports version, the horsebox is mainly designed for a professional use. The space dedicated to equipment storage is pratical and functional with easy access. The living area is large enough to accomodate some couchettes for rest times.

Conceived for total comfort and full security, the horse area have been designed to be ever more ergonomic : non-slip treatment on the side and rear ramps, sliding partitions with removable head divider, protective padding, storage baskets, surveillance camera, work light, trunks...

The horse area adapts to your needs and requirements as to fit as good as possible to your activity constraints.




Whether it is a 6, 9, 10 or 12 horses versions, the "transporters" large trucks set the emphasis on efficiency and performance.

Sports range

In its 6 and 9-horse versions, the horseboxes combine high quality horse transportation and storage for the equipment. Horses travel at an oblique angle while the front part is arranged to integrate storage space or several couchettes. The 12-horse transporter is designed to maximize the effective area with 9 skewed stalls as well as 3 stalls in which horses traval rear-facing.


Stud range

The "Stud" range offers 2 configurations : 6 or 9 separated stalls. Horses travel front- or rear-facing and are loaded by the lateral ramps. The central area of the truck is equipped with folding seats in order to allow the groom to keep a close eye on the horses.



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