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Innovation has always been at the heart of THEAULT strategy. In 1957, THEAULT was the first company to create a horsebox for 5 horses travelling in herringbone stalls. Then, in 1961, THEAULT has once again been further than its competitors with the launch of the very first "rear-facing" horsebox. If THEAULT keeps being at the top-edge of its market area, it's beauce the company has always known how to seize and answer to its customers needs and requirements individually.


THEAULT and HIPPOLIA – A close collaboration since 2005



Since 2005, THEAULT works closely with Hippolia, Pole of Competitiveness located in Normandie and which brings together the stakeholders that want to reinforce the whole equine industry competitiveness through innovation projects. Hippolia accompanies all types of projects during their development process and focuses its action around 3 prior themes with high innovation potential : health an dhorse performance, materials and ICT's. THEAULT and Hippolia have been working together on several innovation projects, including on the Proteo.

Innovation as the core value of the “Proteo project”

Lead from 2006, the « Proteo project » had as final goal to reach the excellence as regards horse transportation matters. Thanks to a rigorous development from the very start of the project, Proteo knows how to fit to user’s needs and succeeded in addressing several constraints such as weight gain, convenience and ergonomy.
Built on a new chassis, the vehicle body meets challenging specifications. Almost 10 years after the launch of the first Proteo, THEAULT keeps innovating and broadens the range in several versions. Thanks to its top quality standards and a steady support of the Pole of Competitiveness HIPPOLIA, THEAULT conducts with the same meticulousness the development of its new vehicles.
Following its great success, Proteo has been quickly developed and sold in France and abroad. Today it is still the flagship model of the THEAULT range.


Our most recent innovation: The PAC-VAN of AnimalPureAir


The PAC-VAN of AnimalPureAir is an air purification technology initiated by THEAULT and adapted to horse transportation. Publicly presented for the very first time during the ARQANA sales in Deauville in 2014, the Pac-Van of AnimalPureAir is a genuine revolution in the horse transportation field. Pioneer in this technology, THEAULT has already equipped a truck of the transporter STH Hippavia.

The Animal Pure Air concept

After one year of collaborative research, this air purification system enables to eliminate almost 99,9% of the particles and pathogen or polluting agents of the air. By purifying the atmosphere, AnimalPureAir ensure the horse’s wellness and optimal comfort. It also limits the risks of contagion and sickness.


Key figures

In standard stables, a horse breathes among 100.000 liters of air every day and swallows almost 21 particles per inhalation, that is to say about 300 million a day!



Animal Pure Air : the guarantee of improved performances

In addition to a range of air purification system for stables, AnimalPureAir – in association with THEAULT – has worked to cope with health issues inherent to horse transportation. The lack of air renewal in the horse area may in fact have adverse effects on the horses’ performances and alter its health.

On the basis of that fact, the Spanish company AnimalPureAir has developed a leading-edge technology that enables to renew and purify the air of the horse compartment over 10 times an hour. Easy to install and adaptable to all kind of vehicles, this system is dedicated to optimize the horses’ breathing capacity while improving their global health condition.

Particularly praised for its positive effects during preparation for the competition or recovery after an effort, the Pac-Van is the best ally for performance.

After winning the « Coup de Cœur Developpement Durable » award of the Innovation trophies of the Salon du Cheval de Paris last December, the Animal Pure Air system is nominated again for the Innovation Awards of the Equitana show in Germany. Great recognition for a system that is resolutely innovative in the field of equine health!


Investments and modern working tools guarantee outstanding quality


Each horsebox is fully inspected by qualified operators: operating tests and an aesthetics assessment are carried out at each stage. The methods used (machines: shears, punching machine, folding machine, paint booths, lifting platforms, etc. assessment method: Solidworks, test zones, protoype), modern tools and the ability to invest in work ensure that we provide the highest quality vehicles and allow us to regulate the entire production chain. The final quality control allows us to verify that each production step meets the quality standards defined by the company and to make the final verification in a long inspection line.


Furthermore, THEAULT is a pioneer in this regulation and all our brands have been ECR (European Community Reception) approved since 2010. This approval allows us to export vehicles to all countries in the European Community.




THEAULT's innovation stretches as far as the look of its vehicles! Customers can fully customise their THEAULT horseboxes. Everything can be personalised, from the coachwork to the rims and even the cabin. Customers can choose the colour of their horsebox’s bodywork and rims. They can also add their logo, their organisation’s name, carbon-effect stripes, photos or other patterns to the bodywork. These decorations can be added to three different parts of the horsebox: the front, back and luton. As for the cabin, the customer can also choose a particular colour for the leather and laminate. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customising THEAULT horseboxes – the only limit is our customers’ creativity!

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