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First'eo stud 

Modularity and security

The First'eo in stud version

Practicality, efficiency and robustness are the 3 core assets that make the First’eo the best choice as regards quality / price ratio. First’eo is the result of Theault’s sharp expertise combined with a desire for simplicity. Light and functional, this vehicle aims at maximizing the payload.

Theault invented the stud layout to transport horses. Initially designed for racehorse professionals, breeders and transporters. The security and autonomy of this model has been popular among all disciplines, where it is now widely praised.

All Theault horseboxes benefit from the EC type approval which guarantees the conformity to European technical standards and allows them to be registered easily all over Europe.

With Peugeot or Fiat engines from 110 to 180 HP, the First’eo brings unrivaled driving comfort for all types of journeys: urban areas, mixed-use or motorway driving. The modern vehicle guarantees more autonomy and lower maintenance cost.

Horse area

 - Stud version: 3 positions sliding partition offering a large space that is easily transformable to suit your needs. Two horses can be transported facing either forward or to the rear, or you can turn your First’eo stud into a large box to accommodate a mare and her foal.
 - Wide side-ramp and spacious stalls to load and unload horses easily
 - Effortless use of ramp and door locking
 - Better sound insulation to provide comfort to horses and passengers 
 - Luton with storage space accessible from the inside of the horse area
 - Rubber breast separation in standard equipment (fixed breast separation available as an option)
 - Non-slip cibelastic flooring



 - Available in 3 seats
 - Cab window in all vehicles which enables to observe the horses directly from the cabin


 - Options and custom-made equipment adapted to your activity: sulky support, horse tie-bar, saddle and bridle-racks, accessories on the rear-door.

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