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Long-Term Rental

From 12 to 36 months and for 10 000 to 100 000 km a year, this is the custom made formula for demanding professionnals or people who need a horsebox for a long period. Ideal solution to finance one or several vehicles, it also enables to regularly renew your fleet as to always benefit from modern, recent and well maintained vehicles.


Thanks to this formula, you'd be able to dispose from a vehicle for at least 12 months. The montlhy fees are predetermined depending on the model and the forcecasted mileage you'd choose.


For professionals only

Equipment loan

We offer two types of classical loans :

The "START" formula : dedicated to young entities that are facing difficulties to contract a loan. THEAULT supports young professionals and promising companies in their development. Efficient equipment is the guarantee to have the needed focus on your activities.

The "AGILOR" and "ACTIMAT" formulas : Restricted to Crédit Agricole and Credit Mutuel customers as THEAULT has contracted a partnership with these two banks.



This formula is restricted to professionals and companies that want to finance a new vehicle.

Restricted to professional use only and without any security deposit, this option is very similar to the lease-purchase formula in its principles. The input can be an increased first monthly payement that will enable to reduce the upcoming rents and thus optimize your company cash flows.

Note : Your monthly paiements are considered as charge and that can be used in deduction of future taxable income. As they are not mentionned as a debt on your balance sheet, they enable to keep full financial capacity.


For individuals

Finance your dream and choose the Viaxel Loisirs financing solution

Specialized in financing solutions, our strongest wish is to provide high quality service built on a long term and lasting commitment.

With or without personnal input, you'de be able to finance your new vehicle over a period of ten years or a pre-used horsebox over a period of 8 years.


For further information, please contact:

Vanessa +33 (0)6 77 98 10 52 /


Short- and Mid-Term Hire

Do you have a punctual need ? Think Renteo, the hiring solution you require !

Troubleshooting, competition departure, weekend out… Use Renteo, our dedicated hiring service, and benefit from THEAULT quality at the best price!

For an occasional use, you may choose between several formulas from a day or a week end to a week. Renteo is a flexible and economical solution. With agents all across Europe, find your closest horsebox from 90€/ day on

Need for a mid-term solution (breeding season, intense competition period…)? It’s also possible to hire a THEAULT horsebox for one or several months.
This “a la carte” formula is the perfect fit for those who need flexibility or who have very seasonal activities.

Check your closest horsebox availability on




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